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By submitting the form at, you agree to all the following terms and conditions:​

  1. All payments are to be made to Atomic Plus Tuition directly only. No payments are to be made to a tutor under any circumstances.

  2. Payments will be automatically taken out of your nominated card for each tuition session that occurs. 

  3. All tuition is to remain through Atomic Plus Tuition. 

  4. All cancellations and reschedules must go through Atomic Plus Tuition and not the tutor allocated to you/ the student.

  5. All tutors are to be talked to and communicated with in a respectful manner.

  6. It is a condition upon booking that the student will not be left alone nor unsupervised at your home with the tutor. 

  7. Tuition is not to occur in bedrooms under any circumstance. A suitable area for tuition is a kitchen bench, an office desk, a local library, etc. 

  8. All first session payments are to be made before tuition occurs.

  9. Atomic Plus Tuition reserves the right to cancel any future tuition services with the client if we feel a tutor is at any risk of harm, hostility, violence or otherwise.

  10. The tutor we allocate you is not to be communicated with for any reasons other than tuition through Atomic Plus Tuition.

  11. We reserve the right to reschedule any sessions necessary. All bookings will be kept to the best of Atomic Plus Tuition's ability.

  12. Atomic Plus Tuition is not responsible for any loss, damages, actions nor any other occurrences by a tutor sub-contracted by us. 

  13. Forgetting about a session, not being home during the scheduled tuition time or any other cancellations within 24 hours prior to a scheduled tuition session will still result in you being charged the original session price. No refunds will occur.

  14. You must notify Atomic Plus Tuition within 7 days of any changes to address, phone number, bank card details on the account or any other contact details.

  15. To cancel or reschedule sessions you must provide us with at least 2 hours notice prior to the scheduled tuition session time

  16. Refunds are not available.

  17. The address, name of student and phone number you provided us with is shared to the tutor we allocate you with.

  18. Atomic Plus Tuition makes every effort to ensure that information on our website, business cards, advertisements, or any other material is correct at all times. It reserves the right to change the fees, tutors, terms and conditions and information when necessary. All attempts will be made to notify current clients.

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