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We provide mandatory training to all tutors that incorporates scientific findings on appropriate study and memory techniques. 

Tutors provide:

  • Exam tips

  • Quizzes

  • Exam style questions

  • Study notes

  • 1-on-1 experience

  • Personalised sessions


Low, competitive rates.


Face to face:

K-10: $63 per hour

11-12: $68 per hour



K-10: $53 per hour

11-12: $58 per hour

*Prices are effective for students commencing from September 1, 2022.


All our tutors go through a strict screening and training process to ensure each student's individual needs and learning styles are adapted to.

Tutors all have up to date working with children checks.

Contact Us

Our friendly staff will  answer any of your queries.


We ensure the student's individual needs will be met by the tutor most suited to them. 

Please fill out an enquiry form and we will be in touch.




Standard, Advanced, Ext 1,  Ext 2,  IB SL


Standard, Advanced, Ext 1, Ext 2, IB SL, IB HL


Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Economics, Legal Studies, French

General Help

11-12 Tuition


"Our daughter simply wouldn't have done near as well without their help. We would highly recommend Atomic Plus for tuition"


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Jess McNamara

monty mugshot.jpg edited.jpg

Jess Monty

Hi! We are the founders of Atomic Plus. We established this company to incorporate evidence based learning techniques from our extensive tutoring experience. We found that students improve most when they are engaged in a supportive environment where ideas are encouraged. Our mission is to provide a high quality tuition service to help students achieve their goals in school and beyond.

Covid Safe

We understand the extra burden COVID 19 has placed on students and are dedicated to providing a safe environment for learning.


We are now offering ONLINE tutoring sessions for a REDUCED price. Our online program is designed to deliver high quality personalised tuition using interactive technology.

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